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Setting up a new project, from scratch on a blank machine as of 2012/02

  • Install loads of crap useful applications

Chocolatey packages

cinst 7zip

cinst console2

cinst ilspy

cinst kdiff3

cinst gitextensions

cinst resharper

cinst nuget.commandline


Configure git

Install stuff not yet on Chocolatey



Is Windows Live Writer failing to display your blog theme correctly?

Yesterday I changed my WordPress blog theme to use the K2 design. Diligently I asked windows live writer to ‘please go get this new style’ and ended up with some rather pleasant but unasked for Times New Roman in the edit pane.

WatiN supports Firefox! - Windows Live Writer

The preview pane also didn’t look anything like my blog, obviously the style sheet reference was missing. Graphics and content appeared, just no styling.

WatiN supports Firefox! - Windows Live Writer (2)

I fired up ol-procmon to find out where an earth wlw was downloading the templates too.

\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming
\Windows Live Writer\blogtemplates

\Guid (Each blog ?) *1
\Guid 1 (For edit) \Guid 2 (For preview)

This is on Vista and Windows Server 2008, I imagine it’s different on other OS’s.

*1In this folder you will find 2 index[*].htm files which represent your edit and preview panes. Once I found these html files it turns out wlw had download the k2 css file ‘core.css.php’ as ‘core.css.css’. Renaming fixed my problem, yay!

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