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Bootstrapping your new project using crane

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But what does it do?

crane is a command line tool the I developed with Kevin Holditch. It kick starts development of a new project by templating the boring bits.

crane init ServiceStack.Plugin

Running this command creates the following items

  • Solution file
  • Project
  • Unit test project
    • Example test based on xbehave
  • VERSION.txt
  • Nuspec file for project
  • Build script
    • Downloads nuget.exe if missing
    • Performs nuget restore on solution
    • Builds solution in debug or release mode
    • Runs unit tests
    • Updates assembly info with correct version numbers
    • Packages project into nuget package
    • Publishes to nuget repository

In action

First initialize a new project using the syntax crane init {project name}

It creates a directory using the the project name given in the init command

You can immediately build the project. Just run .\build.ps1 from the project directory

Here’s what it looks like in Visual Studio if you open the solution file: