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Orchard CMS blogging with an iPhone

I’ve recently been evaluating the Orchard CMS project for an upcoming website I’m building for my award winning London diving club Smile . I thought it would be really useful to be able to blog to the website straight after a days diving whilst the excitement and pictures were still fresh off the press.


Step 1: Create your Orchard blog if it doesn’t exist already


Step 2: Turn on remote blog publishing



Step 3: Retrieve your blog id

Ochard’s remote blogging interface implements the MetaWeblog API. Whilst some clients such as windows live writer support self discovery using the real simple discovery mechanism. Your blog id is required by some iphone clients


Simple navigate to the following url: http://[path_to_your_blog]/rsd for my local development orchard install that was: http://localhost:30320/OrchardLocal/blog/rsd


Take a note of the blog id which in this case was 24


Step 4: Configure your iphone app

I was very surprised to find out how few generic iPhone blogging clients there are.  Whilst investigating this task I paid for and tried two apps:

  1. BlogPress – (very buggy, does not seem to work with Ochard)
  2. BloggerPlus – Does work!

Step 5: Configuring blogger plus to work with orchard


Step 6: Patching Orchard is required if v.1.3.10 or <

As of today 07/02/2012 my patch has not made it to the main Orchard code base, so if you are running Orchard v.1.3.10 or < you need to download this change set and rebuild orchard

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