Unit testing for SharePoint

Typemock are offering their new product for unit testing SharePoint called Isolator For SharePoint, for a special introduction price. it is the only tool that allows you to unit test SharePoint without a SharePoint server. To learn more click here.

The first 50 bloggers who blog this text in their blog and tell us about it, will get a Full Isolator license, Free. for rules and info click here.

Here’s an example taken from their introduction article:

public void RepositoryAdd_FakeSPServer_PropertiesAreSetWithCorrectArguments()
  var fakeWeb  = Isolate.Fake.Instance(Members.ReturnRecursiveFakes);
  var fakeUser = fakeWeb.SiteUsers.GetByID(1);
  var fakeItem = fakeWeb.Lists[""].Items.Add();

  Isolate.WhenCalled(() => fakeItem[0]).WillReturn(1);

  Registration registration = new Registration(){
          RegistrationStatus = "Pending",
          UserId = 100

  RegistrationRepository repository = new RegistrationRepository();
  int id = repository.Add(registration, false, fakeWeb);

  Assert.AreEqual(1, id);
  Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithExactArguments(()=> fakeItem[Fields.Title] = "UnitTest");
  Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithExactArguments(()=> fakeItem[Fields.UserId]= 100);
  Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithExactArguments(()=> fakeItem[Fields.User]= fakeUser);
  Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithExactArguments(()=> fakeItem[Fields.Status]= "Pending");
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